Meyer #18

Kasen Meyer is a talented young football player who has made a name for himself as a member of the Loveland Warriors football team. At number 18, Kasen is a key player for the team, which is currently coached by Brian Barnes.

In 2022, Kasen was a NOCO Football 4th Grade Silver champion while playing for the NOCO Grizzlies, demonstrating his exceptional skills and commitment to the sport. He was also selected for the 2023 Colorado Youth Invitational in Centennial, Colorado, where he will be a part of the 4th grade white all-star team, under the guidance of coach Jake Novotny.

Kasen currently plays in the Elite Youth Sports League and is a highly regarded player in the region. With his strong work ethic, dedication, and natural talent, Kasen is a rising star in the world of youth football and is sure to continue making a big impact in the years to come.